Darin Carter

Darin Carter

Darin Carter


If you didn’t know, I am one of 8,000 Beta Testers for Google Glass┬ájust thought I would let you know !!!

My Poor Site

I just migrated DarinCarter.NET to WordPress hosting … it’s just easier … no more worrying about keeping a site up and running, I’ll just let Automattic do that …

So expect to see me write more about personal life here … Darin.CC is still just focused on Search Marketing.



Working on work that is keeping me working !!

figuring out what to do ….

figuring out what to do ….

SEO / SEM / Reputation Management is my …

SEO / SEM / Reputation Management is my LIFE!

working as usual … it’s 12:41 AM !!!!…

working as usual … it’s 12:41 AM !!!! I need to find my bed!

feeling a bit under the weather … how …

feeling a bit under the weather … how about you ???

so much to do and so little time … wor…

so much to do and so little time … working with SEO / SEM Clients!

working, working, working

working, working, working

I’m still fighting with Armani Exchange…

I’m still fighting with Armani Exchange Dot Com. Do not do business with this company. I purchased a few items on Jan 29th 2009 and today is April 27th 2009 and I never received the products and still waiting for a refund from them! Everytime I call I get a customer service agent that can’t do anything for me other than send a email to their Corporate Office. They are giving me the Run Around and instead of simply refunding my Credit Card they are Dragging Me Around their office. They have no sense of Customer Service and I will make it my job to notify others of my experience so they don’t go through the same Customer Service Nightmare!


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